Horácio Guerra
Temporary Exhibition
Extended until December 31, 2023

In the year in which the 20th anniversary of the new village of Luz is celebrated, this exhibition represents a commemorative tribute to the old village of Luz, resulting from a persistent and meticulous work by Horácio Guerra who, for years, collected information from various sources until he began to create the base on which he built an approximate scale model of 1/100, as faithful as possible, of the old Luz.

With 5 meters long and 4 meters wide, the model integrates different materials such as wood, plaster, cork, cardboard and is an opportunity to revisit the old village of Luz.

According to the author, the thematic set, now on display at the Luz Museum, “results from a need to preserve and honor the memory and identity of the village” that saw it born.

“These were years of hard work, but also of great pleasure in leaving a testimony for the new generations and for those who want to know what life was like in the old Luz”, he said.

Horácio Guerra was born in old Luz and in professional terms he started out as a barber and later dedicated himself to the civil construction sector and commerce, among others. A man of a thousand and one trades, he is a self-taught man who in recent years has focused on completing a dream: his model of the old Luz.

Since the beginning and regularly, the Museum of Luz has participated in the maintenance and assembly of exhibitions.