Past Events
photographs by António Carrapato, Benjamim Enes Pereira e Miguel Proença
Temporary exhibition
museu e aldeia da luz
21 July 15 November 2013

The photographs by António Carrapato, Benjamim Enes Pereira and Miguel Proença summon the concept of Dual Village in this exhibition that presents itself in different cores - at the museum and in the village.

Route of the exhibition

Museu da Luz

Water Room
A set of photographs, mostly by the ethnologist Benjamin Enes Pereira, that leads us on a journey that begins with the Alqueva dam and crosses the old and the new places, establishing the idea of the Luz as a dual village.

Luz Room
The villages of Luz, seen by the eyes of the photographers and António Carrapato and Miguel Proença, convene singularities of change, but also the everyday life left behind that unveils before a watchful eye.

Memory Room
In addition to the objects of the archaic rural way of living – donated by the inhabitants of Luz to the museum – in this room it is shown the documentary 'My village no longer lives here', by Catarina Mourão. Documents and publications can be consulted in the Mesa da Memória/Table of Memory, including a compilation of newspaper clippings that illustrates the dimension of the village relocation process in the media.

Luz Village

Sala da Junta de Freguesia da Luz
In the Parish council’s Room, a visit to the most symbolic moments of Setembrinas Feasts of Our Lady of Luz, between the old and the new villages, with a video by Pedro Grenha.

Salão da Sociedade Recreativa Luzense
In the particular environment of the Hall of the Sociedade Recreativa Luzense, a place of sociability, it is presented a selection of photographs of both the villages, with their people and social practices, and that show the diversity of the photographic collection recently donated to the museum by Benjamin Enes Pereira.

Café da Lousa
Inside the cafeteria itself, revisiting the cafés of the old village.

Padaria Grilos
Shows the old village’s bakery, whose prominent object is the baking bread oven.

Production EDIA, SA Museu da Luz Support Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

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