Past Events
Temporary Exhibition
19 October 2019 - 25 February 2020

The sculptures and paintings presented in the exhibition Beyond Treasury, question the aesthetic relations and inquire about the modes of enjoyment present in Contemporary Art.
The paintings present people viewing paintings, in a mise en abyme effect, which puts any new observer in the contemplation of artistic objects. The sculptures are assumed as human fragments, mundane objects and everyday references or, even as non-figurative elements, and the whole sculptural set inhabits and occupies the exhibition space, creating in parallel with the paintings an extensive installation of countless relations and interpretations. .
The title of the exhibition contains multiple readings: the word “Beyond” brings us to the archetype of the creator / demiurge artist who glimpses, conveys and alludes to the notion of eternity and to a literal reference to the Alentejo region, in which, in turn, the collaboration with the Museum of Light represents an example of an effective dynamic of decentralization / deconcentration in access to culture beyond the spaces and operating systems of the established art centers; The word “Treasury” corresponds to the meaning of Art, as a place of stimulation of the aesthetic / critical sensitivity that opens the way to the pleasure of discovery and the value of the accumulation of wealth (in front of the material aspects) that must exist in every contact with the work. of art.
José Batista Marques