Things to do
Things to do

The Museum of Luz is a cultural space which communicates the Alqueva region well. Set by the water mirror, the museum is the interpretative agent of a transformed territory, and a place where present and past perceptions and experiences meet. A number of activities are available to appreciate the spaces, the landscape, the stories and the local identity.


Guided Visit Museum + Church of Our Lady of Luz + Monte dos Pássaros €2,50
Guided Tour Aldeia da Luz a walking experience of this unique village €2,50

Prices per person, include admission to the museum. Free for children under 12. People over 65 years old €1,50. Visits for groups with a minimum of 10 people.


Boating A journey to the discovery of the lake scenery, the spot of the old Luz and of the Lousa Castle prices on request Cost varies depending on the number of participants and duration of the ride.
A day at the house of Monte dos Pássaros A lazy day in the only house that remains of the old village, very close to the water and where the sun sets. €20/hour | €110/ full day (prices per group) Maximum of 40 people. A picnic may be served. From 10am to 18pm.

Night sky

Gazing at Luz skies In partenership with OLA (Observatório Lago Alqueva) Night sky gazing, with the museum's telescope, for groups and special events Prices on request Contact us for further information.

Prices include admission to the museum. Advance booking is mandatory for every activity (
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