A decade into the appearance of Alqueva, there are questions raised: how do southern communities live this new landscape, and what social consequences are being felt in their life? What has remained and what changed? What memories come associated with River Guadiana? What do these communities expect of the future? Are new values ascribed to the land and water? And how is Alqueva seen through the eyes of the outsider, the visitor, or the new resident?

The Museum of Luzís own research privileges essentially the inspection and documentation of its collections, and on the memories and social practices of communities in the area, with a particular emphasis on the duality and transition between river and lake. Research activities are developed in the village of Luz, in the area influenced by Alqueva and other lakeside localities. They resort to investigation and documentation, interview, audio and video recording, and the transcription and processing of information (on the Matriz database).


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