Homesteading of Birds


Next to the museum building and within the context of the new village, the lake, and a peculiar landscape, you can find the Museum Houses, which are spaces for both residence and work, but also leisure.

Homesteading of Birds

At the far western end of the new village of Light, ‘Homesteading of Birds’ challenges the passing of time. Adjacent to the road which used to connect the old village and Mourão, ‘Homesteading’ is now perched along the lake’s horizon, potentiating the physical communication between the museum and the water mirror.

The house of ‘Monte dos Pássaros’ consists of a living area — including kitchen, the hearth, and an oven — with an ample stables, complete with a long schist manger. Outside, the enclosed pen adds a striking note, as it now descends upon the lake waters.

The manger room may be used as a leisure space by members of the public, whilst it also integrates the Museu da Luz Residencies programme as a venue for working and living, and also as a workshop.

The house, recently rehabilitated is now visitable within the museum’s circuit.

monte dos