The young people of this place grow up hearing the elders talk about a landscape and a village they have never seen: the streets, the houses, the neighborhood, and the life by the Guadiana River, a familiar place for leisure and also a source of livelihood. ‘It was a different water,’ flowing and with steep banks. Today there is a huge lake, riverside villages, and tourists who seek to enjoy the water and the region’s heritage.

The memories of Luz and Guadiana are recent memories for many, but for those who were born 10 years ago, they are like improbable fantasies. The encounter between the ‘myth’ and reality in the territory of Luz is the working tool of the Luz Museum with the school communities, through experiences in the museum and its unique surroundings.


What do you see from this window?           Preschool; 1st and 2nd cycles     €2
Water-related activities                                 1st cycle                                           €2
The village of the future light                       2nd and 3rd cycles                         €2
Light and the Stars                                        1st, 2nd, and 3rd cycles                 €2
Temporary exhibition activities                   1st to 3rd cycle; Secondary           €2
Light and the Stars                                         1st, 2nd, and 3rd cycles                €2


Visits (1st, 2nd, and 3rd cycles; secondary):                       

Guided Museum Visit                                                                                                €1
Guided Museum Visit + Church of Our Lady of Luz                                             €1
Guided Museum Visit + Church of Our Lady of Luz + Bird Mountain                €1
Guided Museum Visit + Guided Tour of Aldeia da Luz: an experience that introduces the unique village of Luz                                                                                                              €1

-Costs per student include museum visit.
-All activities are accompanied.
-All activities are subject to prior booking and confirmation.
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