The Territory


Several places of interest can be found near Luz village which will complement your visit to the museum.

Mourão the nearest town, spreading from within a star fort, has origins dating back to the Arab period, if not before. There´s a river beach and a pier.
Distance: 6km from Luz

Monsaraz is a historic town perched atop a hill, enclosed by schist castle walls. Its important vestiges from prehistoric to early modern times make it a particularly heritage-rich attraction. There´s a river beach and a pier.

Distance: 21km from Luz

The nearby village of Estrela has been made into a peninsula when Alqueva inflated with reservoir waters. Today, it offers a privileged vantage point from where to contemplate and enjoy the lake.
Distance: 22km from Luz

The Alqueva reservoir which is at the origin of the basin which now dominates the landscape of this entire region.
Distance: 37km from Luz

Évora UNESCO world heritage town of Alentejo, with its many monuments and rich history.
Distance: 60km da Luz

Parque de Natureza de Noudar – Barrancos is a natural stronghold of holm which is a pioneer project for conservation of biodiversity and whose 1000ha estate includes castle of Noudar and accomodation. 
Distance: 70km da Luz