Ruins “Juliôa 24”


A vestige of the past in the new village of Luz…

Next to the museum, the water level and Monte dos Pássaros, it is now possible to visit the Roman ruins Julioa24.
A single-family farm from the 1st/2nd century AD, which operated for three generations, this small Roman farm was identified and excavated during the Archaeological and Heritage Survey of Alqueva.
Despite its simplicity, Julioa 24 was not excluded from commercial circuits at the time. In the excavation, ceramics from the Iberian Plateau and North Africa were found, as well as coins minted in the times of Tiberius, Trajan and Hadrian. These artefacts are conserved in the Museum of Light.
The hills of Alentejo – such as Monte dos Pássaros, nearby – are a contemporary example of the architectural and functional heritage of small agricultural family units from Roman times, such as Julioa24.