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Steam Iron – Object of the month for April 2023

Many of the objects we use today had more rudimentary technology in the past.This time we expose a typology of object still used today, but in a more old-fashioned format. The iron.In this case, it is an object made of iron, presented in the form of a triangular prism, with a line of holes along […]

SHOVEL – Object of the Month for March 2023

The Alentejo region is usually known for its high temperatures in summer, but also marked in winter by very cold temperatures compared to the center-south and south coast.In this sense, in the last month of winter we exhibit an object associated with cold weather. A shovel used to collect ashes from the fireplace.This shovel features […]

Pan – Object of the Month for February 2023

This month we highlight an object linked to the kitchen subcollection. In this case, the tach.Until the middle of the 20th century, kitchen services were sparse in quantity. The pot was one of the few objects that adorned the kitchen space occupied almost exclusively by the ladies.The exposed pan has a blue enamel with white […]

Candlestick – Object of the Month for January 2023

As in many portuguese villages, public and domestic electrical lighting was a mirage until the mid-20th century. In this sense, night lighting in the homes of many people from Light village population resorted to various types of light fixtures, including candlesticks like the one on display this month.It is an object with a circular base […]

Stoll- Object of the Month for December 2022

Until the mid-twentieth century, the typical house in Light village featured seating furniture where the settee stood out, leaving the rest of the seating to chairs, stools, and owl stools.It is based on traditional furniture that this month we are exposing a very characteristic stool. This is a stool for children.The bench has four feet, […]

Cow Bell – Object of the Month for November 2022

This month we continue to exhibit objects from the grazing sub-collection. This is how we present one of the rattles from our museum collection. The exposed cow bell was placed around the neck of the adult cattle. The cow bell in question stands out from the rest in the Museum of Light Village collection, as […]

Muzzle- Object of the Month for October 2022

At a time when the collection associated with cattle grazing is not visible in the permanent thematic exhibition, we are exhibiting a barbel.The muzzle, here in the form of a tablet, was placed on the snout of the calf to avoid suckling on the mother’s teats. Thus, the objective was to wean the calf.The exposed […]

Scissors – Object of the Month for September 2022

Livestock activity has always been one of Luz’s main economic sectors, together with agriculture.Sheep cattle stood out for the fact that they served not only for food supply, but also for textiles, through wool.So, this month we exhibit a pair of scissors used for shearing sheep and ram.The exposed scissors feature two blades, widths and […]

Tarro – Object of the Month for August 2022

Since Light village is not a territory characterized by cork oak forests and the harvest of cork, the inhabitants of Light village did not stop using this material, making, among other objects, tarros.At a time when agricultural work required long days of toil in the field, workers used tarros to transport meals and food to […]

Fingerstall- Object of the Month for July 2022

At a time when the permanent thematic exhibition does not present the core associated with agricultural work, we exhibit the fingerstall.It is an object of work that was mixed with the clothing of those who worked in the fields. It was used on the middle, ring or pinky fingers to protect from the sickle cuts […]