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My Village – Horácio Guerra – Extended until December 31, 2023

In the year in which the twentieth anniversary of the new village of Luz is celebrated, this exhibition represents a commemorative tribute to the old village of Luz, resulting from the persistent and meticulous work of Horácio Guerra who, for years, collected information from various sources until he began to to create the basis on […]

Steam Iron – Object of the month for April 2023

Many of the objects we use today had more rudimentary technology in the past.This time we expose a typology of object still used today, but in a more old-fashioned format. The iron.In this case, it is an object made of iron, presented in the form of a triangular prism, with a line of holes along […]

Messier Marathon

Partner Association Albireo. EDIA, APAA, IA – Meetings of Amateur Astronomers – 15 April Admission is free but registration is required by completing the form below:

Archeology and the New Water Lands

Those who visit Alentejo today are faced with profound changes, as a result of the dynamics introduced by the Alqueva Project.EDIA, as an entity whose objective is to conceive, carry out, build, explore and promote the Alqueva Multiple Finals Project, has been protecting that all stages are implemented in a sustainable manner and with respect […]