Nuno Moreira Artist Residency 21-28 August 2017

«The project to be developed with the Museu da Luz has as its starting point an assumed
passion for the flat landscape of the Guadiana and for the particular characteristics of Aldeia da Luz and the people who live here.
My aim as a visual artist is to work with this landscape and appropriate it for a
staged context, in which “specific situations” can be created that evoke the space and
rituals of the people who live here.
The work intends to focus on a set of images to be photographed and/or filmed during the
residence period in which I intend to capture the inhabitants, gestures and details in a
non-realistic but rather that evoke a suggestion of staging or
mise-en-scéne that resembles a poetic or dreamlike field, which is characteristic of the
work developed by me.»