Workshop Directing a Documentary 4-8 July 2013

Workshop Directing a Documentary by Catarina Mourão and Pedro Duarte

Figuring it would be possible to make a zoom in each character in a painting by Brueghel, and from there create a new framework, this project will also make a zoom in the village of Luz, emblematic place of the territory transformed by Alqueva, exploring a look inside the daily life of the riverside village through its characters.

Aimed at young people growing up in the villages and towns that have today the Alqueva lake on the horizon, this 5 day workshop aims to stimulate, through exploration of the moving image and sound, creative new thinking around this territory and landscape, while providing the tools to those who wish to deepen their knowledge on film making.

Coordination Catarina Mourão + and Pedro Duarte
Promotion EDIA, SA/ Museu da Luz
Partners Escola Básica Integrada de Mourão, Escola Secundária Conde de Monsaraz, Instituto Politécnico de Tomar – Escola Superior de Tecnologia de Abrantes, Direção Regional de Cultura do Alentejo, Municipality of Mourão