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Francisco Capucho’s Tarrafa – From Object to Office

The cast net comes associated with memories of fishing net making, fishing, and the riverbank landscape. The submergence of the old village and creation of Lake Alqueva inevitably brought along shifts in the existing styles of fishing on the Guadiana. The art of making fishing nets has since fallen into disuse, living on as an […]

Domingos Godinho’s Lunch Box

sed to carry lunch on a farming day, the lunchbox conjures life out in the fields, namely during meal time — a ritual moment reinforcing social relations amongst workers.

Ermelinda Godinho’s Whitewash Pot

Ermelinda Godinho talks about the whitewash pot, which speaks to us about a world of essentially female chores, from its use in wedding ceremonies to the functional and symbolic universe of whitewashing, seen as an extension of the domestic space towards the outside.