Mobility Program for Educators February-April 2014

The educational service of the Museum, with the Parque de Natureza de Noudar, initiated with the project ‘Descobrir’ a Program of Mobility for Educators.

Continuing the partnership with the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, the Museum – in conjunction with the Nature Park Noudar – is doing with that institution a mobility program facilitators / educators.

The objective of this program is the sharing and implementation of knowledge and strategies, articulating itself in two key moments: the first visit of professionals of mediation of the Museum to the Foundation and its museum, garden and Modern Art Centre to watch, participate and discuss activities in those spaces created and practiced by the Programa Gulbenkian Educação para a Cultura e Ciência (CGF’s educational project) and, subsequently, the temporary displacement of an educator of the CGF to Alentejo in order to design, together with the education team of the Museu da Luz and Parque de Natureza de Noudar, implement new educational activities.
The CGF educator will stay in the village of Luz, a few days of February and April 2014, under the museum’s program of residencies – training.