Reminiscence- Collective Artistic Residency 26-29 June, 12-22 July 2017

«The participating elements are five artists from different parts of the world, two Portuguese, one Mozambican and two Italians. The group has worked both in Portugal and internationally.
The group intends to focus its exploratory attention on the space of Luz, which is seen as a place of study, understanding, interpretation and representation of the flow of life and the changes of our time. The institution of this artistic dialogue with the chosen place foresees the development of creative and exchange spaces, where themes such as identity, memory, image, reality, within an inevitably social context, are freely explored and developed.
The “Reminiscence” project aims to explore signs, myths, stories and traditions inherent to its location. “Reminiscence” intends to become a provider of meaningful experiences, in order to help the public to activate their own reality, through processes of remembrance, memory and imagination.
“Reminiscence” aims to expand the limits of cultural production and consumption. Based on individual research, it is intended to form and develop a common structure for the entire group, in the form of artistic creation. During the two-week residency at Aldeia da Luz, a joint analysis of each artist’s activities will allow investigating clashes, discussions and creative interactions.
The group wants to work within an organic set of ideas, often in ways that are not
conventional, transposing elements from undefined times into specific frameworks of contemporary interpretation. Create an active and multifaceted map of the integrated environment, which translates into different artistic responses and will culminate in presentations open to the public, through in-site-specific ‘art-walks’, a collective performance and a final exhibition.»

Inês von Bonhorst

Participating artists
Ines von Bonhorst
Yuri Pirondi
Marta Angelozzi
Edgar Oliveira
Paulo Morais
Kátia Sá