Teatro de Carnide 3-9 August and 26-30 August 2015

“What we propose in this project is an inner work that enhances the behavior and characteristics of the community that resides in the village of Luz; Its dichotomy of being today a new village with a past – present. An artist residency project will serve to consolidate the work already developed by Carnide Theatre, with the difference that in this case, we will be able to develop, investigate and create a unique environment that will serve as a motto for the creation of an art project WORK iN TC – MUSEUM OPEN.
It is intended that the creator/artist can question, improvise, starting from performance problems in the construction of rules and commitments with himself, a strategy that in conventional creation context is not always possible. The intensification of the artwork in a particular context emphasizes the intimacy of the creator with the nature that involves him in the search for a theatrical score.”
Teatro de Carnide