Where the Echo Turns On and Off João Pedro Silva 27-28 April; 22-25 June 2017

“Where the echo turns on and off” – Installation and Design

Inserted in the Residency program of the Museu da Luz, this project is a proposal in the field of fine arts and authored by João Pedro Silva.

The project is based on the creation of an ephemeral installation, lasting just one evening/night, in the surroundings of the village and museum of light.

Fire is light that integrates and transforms the unique, silent and timeless landscape that surrounds this small Alentejo village. Known for its special nocturnal darkness (magnificent for observing the stars) it is intended to manipulate reality through firelight, in a fabulation of the landscape, evoking memories, identities and timelessness – an earthly and symbolic “prayer” to the landscape and its inhabitants through Art.