Residências ENG

Teatro de Carnide 3-9 August and 26-30 August 2015

“What we propose in this project is an inner work that enhances the behavior and characteristics of the community that resides in the village of Luz; Its dichotomy of being today a new village with a past – present. An artist residency project will serve to consolidate the work already developed by Carnide Theatre, with […]

Cláudio Reis 3-5 June 2015

Cláudio Reis participated in 2014 on the workshop “From idea to project”, by Virgílio Ferreira. He now returns to Luz to produce a site-specific photo series.

Rescued Landscape- Architecture and Landscape 10-19 October 2014

“The construction of the Alqueva dam submerged a vast territory with a particular metric, geometry and scale, which was the matrix and the secular testimony of the symbiotic relationship between man and the environment that surrounds him. Instantly, disappeared a landscape that was simultaneously idea and artifact, a result of the dynamic interplay between the […]

Cosmic Light Explore the Night Sky 13-14 September 2014

Residency for the promotors of the international meeting Cosmic Light: Explore the night sky takes place at the Museu da Luz on 13 and 14 September, with the organization of the University of Leiden (Netherlands), the Universe Awareness and The World at Night and the participation of 30-50 astronomers and educators including many international guests.

The light of Alqueva Lighting Design 7-11July 2014

The light (Luz) seems to gain multiple meanings in this place: the village and its history, the lake created, the dedicated museum, the sun, astronomy, and street lighting.The town of Mourão has as an heritage one of the darker (unpolluted) skies of all surrounding region of Alqueva. Thus the night represents a knowledge opportunity and […]

From Idea to Project: Virgílio Ferreira 12-17 April 2014

During this intensive 6 day training, the participants will undertake an individual project aiming to produce a portfolio by the end of the workshop. During the course participants will have theoretical, technical and creative guidance, there will be discussion and analysis of the work done. Objectives Introduction of some strategies and techniques used in the various […]